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Acknowledging Great Service

We all remember great service. Sometimes it can be so hard to come by.

This page is just our way of saying thanks to those tradespeople and suppliers who really made a difference. They all demonstrated great service. They also went the extra mile when required to help us realise our aspirations for ths studio.

Hope you appreciate them as much as we do!


K&d building logo

K&D Building

An absolutely marvellous building firm led by Mike. They’ve been instrumental in bringing our plans to life. And we can’t rate their staff highly enough; all have been hard-working and professional.

Have to say a special shout out to John. He worked tirelessly from start to finish, turning his hand to our sometimes wacky ideas and making them a reality.

Get in touch with Mike for any building work (07989 435 817), we can highly recommend them!



Callum Bridge - Electrician

Callum is another tradesperson that we would highly recommend. Throughout the refurbishment he has had some great ideas, really ensuring our studio looks great and is wired safely!

Get in touch with Callum on 07934 357 903. 

Keith Locker - Painter and Decorator

Keith came highly recommended from a family friend and we are certainly pleased we engaged with him. He quietly gets on with all aspects of decorating, really paying attention to every last detail.

His number is 07818 892 982.

Steve Hunter - Plumber

Steve’s quality of work is absolutely top drawer. He was recommended to us by our landlord and like the other trades we’re over the moon.

Get in touch with him on 07956 050 948.

JL Flooring

Jamie took on our flooring job at short notice and put in an absolutely stellar shift to get it completed. There’s a number of pictures on his Facebook page of the work being completed. Scroll down to the 31st August 2020.

Absolute professional. Give him call on 07972 828 819 to get a quote.

Drapers Carpets

Having used Drapers previously we had no hesitation in approaching them to supply flooring for the studio. Through the initial design James at Drapers was instrumental in helping us get the right choice, providing great interior design advice at the same time!


Pete and Jo Witney - Signwriters

What started out as a random idea in our heads, quickly turned into reality through the talents of Pete and Jo. Thinking that we wanted to add an additional aspect to the plain walls we researched some quotes which fitted art studios. Pete and Jo were able to take these quotes and carefully hand paint them throughout the studio. 

Additionally, the representation of our logo on one of the walls is just stunning. Looks like it’s been printed on, not painted!

We’d thoroughly recommend them for any custom sign writing.





Although their specialist knowledge is around ergonomic office furniture, Lundia has been marvellous in supporting us throughout the refurbishment. They have gone the extra mile to source our furniture, identifying cost effective furniture solutions to create a lovely environment for our customers. 

This even involved Sarah sitting on one the chairs we were thinking about purchasing for a few hours. This was purely to test their comfort and ensure when you visit you’ll be comfortable as well! That is great customer service for you.



Lundia ergonomic office furniture logo
Clumsy goat coffee logo

Clumsy Goat Coffee

When you come into the studio and buy refreshments you’ll have this company to thank! They have been great in supporting us in choosing the right coffee machine and drinks boiler. 

Again, one of those companies where Customer Service is a major focus point.


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