Build your own Bear

Who doesn’t love a cute cuddly teddy bear? We certainly do! That’s why we decided to stock a range of bears (and other animals) that you can build yourself. What could be more satisfying?!

Our range of bears is 20 strong and includes everything you need to personalise your cuddly best friend; including a birth certificate!

What’s more we also offer a range of accessories to personalise your bear.

Baby's Heartbeat Bear
  • Worry Pad – which let’s you turn the bear into a My Worry Friend Bear providing valuable support around mental health issues
  • Recordable Voice Chips – so you can record a message for that special someone and have your bear say it on a squeeze
  • Heartbeat Recorder – for all those expectant parents out there you can record your babies heartbeat during an antenatal scan. Each time you hug or squeeze your bear you can hear the amazing sound of your unborn babies heartbeat
  • Outfits – ensuring you can keep your bear dressed in the latest fashion

Oh, before we forget – we’ve a bear for the adults as well! You may have seen this bear on Killing Eve. If you didn’t, here’s where it made a guest appearance!

Featured Ranges

Sustainability is obviously a massive focus for all organisations. With our seaside location we really see the effects that humans are having on the seas and oceans. 

We’re therefore pleased to announce that we are now stocking the Eco Range of bears. These bears have a simple message:

  • Reuse and Recycle – all bears in this range are made from 100% recycled fabrics
  • Focus on micro plastics – which are not at all good for marine life and why this range is focusing initially on sea animals

Don’t forget to tweet your completed bear with #PlushforthePlanet and #WhitbyKiln after you’ve completed it!

Grey the Eco Great White Shark

Grey the Great White is part of the #PlushforthePlanet team. These unique buddies are made from recycled polyester with their mission to teach kids about the environment and sustainability.

Ocean the Eco Octopus

Ocean the Octopus is part of the #PlushforthePlanet team. These unique buddies are made from recycled polyester with their mission to teach kids about the environment and sustainability.

Seaweed the Eco Turtle

Seaweed the Turtle is part of the #PlushforthePlanet team. These unique buddies are made from recycled polyester with their mission to teach kids about the environment and sustainability.

My Worry Friend Bear

Everybody’s mental health is important, especially children’s. That’s why all our bears can be turned into a My Worry Friend Bear.

A My Worry Friend Bear is designed to help parents learn more about their children’s fears and worries, especially if their child won’t talk openly about certain issues.

For younger children, you can sit with them and help them write down their worries on the Worry Pad. Then the child can pop them inside the back Velcro sealed pocket on their worry friend which all bears have. The ‘worry’ then magically disappears overnight (when you remove it while they sleep). The worry is then gone!

For older children, they can write their worries down themselves and place it inside their worry friend which you can remove while they are asleep and see what they are worrying about.

Worry Pad for your Bear

Experience Build your own Bear at Whitby Kiln

In the Studio or at Home

Sit down, have a cuppa and make your bear in our wonderful studio. We’ll even give you a hand if you need us to!

Alternatively, pop in to the studio and choose your ideal cuddly companion. You can then take it away and build it in the comfort of your own home!

Build your own Bear Party

Why not have a Build Your Own Bear Party? Makes the perfect birthday treat.

Best of all you can use our studio. Although we do have to restrict numbers to 6 per group.

Alternatively, purchase the number of kits you require and have the party at home or using Skype or Zoom! 

Important Product Safety Information

Your safety is important to us. Please take a few minutes to review the following information. All Build your own Bear’s and accessories we sell are subject to these Term’s and Condition’s.



As the Build your own Bear product line contains small parts it therefore represents a choking hazard due. Please observe the following:

  • Not suitable for any children under 3 years
  • Only to be used with adult supervision
  • Do not leave young children unsupervised when playing with the toy

Whitby Kiln will not be held responsible for any improper use.



Bear skins have a zip tie fastening or cable tie fastening. Zips just zip closed, cable ties tighten & require you to cut off any excess. Remove strip attached to velcro to seal.


Returns are not accepted for opened, personalised or used products. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Non-toxic materials.