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Book your Day on the Wheel Throw Pottery Session: Bill Thomas is Back!

May 1, 2022

We’re really pleased to announce that our Throw Pottery session “Day on the Wheel” with Bill Thomas (our resident potter from Scarborough) is coming back! We’ve now got a load more dates in the diary taking us up to June.

They’re bound to be popular to make sure you get in early to grab your spot!

  • Throw pottery session with bill thomas
  • Throw pottery session with bill thomas
  • Throw pottery session with bill thomas
  • Throw pottery session with bill thomas
  • Throw pottery session with bill thomas
  • Throw pottery session with bill thomas
  • Throw pottery session with bill thomas
  • Throw pottery session with bill thomas
  • Throw pottery session with bill thomas

New throw pottery sessions announced!

With the great news that Bill Thomas is able to return we’ve got the following sessions planned:

All sessions cost £50 and if you continue reading you’ll find out how it works!

If you’re a the lucky recipient of one of our gift vouchers you can use it as part payment (or full payment if you’re very special!) for a booking. All you need to do is get in touch with the studio on the contact details below and we’ll sort the rest!

What’s it all about?

Ever been inspired by the Great Pottery Throwdown or even that famous scene from Ghost?!

Whilst we can’t promise you Patrick Swayze or Demi Moore (sorry!), we can now offer you a great experience on the wheel! 

You’ll get a one-to-one 40-45 minute session with Bill Thomas, our very experienced potter. He’ll help you throw at least one wonderful piece of pottery. Don’t worry though, we won’t be as cruel as Keith or Richard from the Throwdown and won’t chop your item in two to assess it’s evenness!

What happens next to my pottery?

Once you’ve had the fun of throwing your items, we’ll then look after your masterpiece. This allows us to make sure it’s thoroughly dry (which can take a few weeks!) before the next stage of the process begins.

Once dry, the next stage for your item is for it to go through the kiln (trusting a lot to the Kiln gods!) to turn it into pottery (or bisque if you want to get all technical!). This sees your item reach 1060 degrees Celsius (toasty!) and ensures the structural integrity of your item.

You’ll then get contacted to make an appointment a few weeks later to paint your creation(s). Just like any other piece of pottery you would paint with us, you can choose from our large range of underglazes combining it with techniques from our Inspiration stations (and friendly staff!).

We’ll then do our stuff and get it back through the kiln (this time to bake at around 978 degrees celsius) to go all wonderful and shiny!

Do I need to bring anything?

If you’ve watched the Pottery Throwdown you are sure to realise it can get messy! So here are some top tips from our potter:

  • Wear old clothes you don’t mind getting mucky – we will provide an apron but this may not stop the mess from getting around!
  • Tie back long hair – the wheel goes at some speed and the last thing we would want is for your hair to get trapped. Ouch!
  • Remove jewellery from your fingers and wrists – unless you want to spend quite some time cleaning them up!
  • Wear flat shoes – whilst the wheel you’ll use is electric, the foot pedal is not meant to be used with heels!

It’s best to arrive at least 5 minutes before your allocated time slot to make the most of this experience. We are working to fixed session times so unfortunately can’t extend if you are late.

Most of all be prepared to have a giggle!

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