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Glass Fusion is arriving at the Kiln

Jun 9, 2021

This month see’s our first of three Glass Fusion workshops!

Intrigued as to what this is? Keep on reading!

It’s a wonderful technique where you effectively arrange multiple pieces of glass together, and use the Kiln to fuse them together. Once you’ve done the fun part we’ll take over and pop them in one of our kilns to get them nice and warm for a while (between 700 and 800 degrees Celsius to be precise if you’re interested). During this process the magic will happen in the kiln allowing you to produce something as wonderful as shown below!

A sample of the Glass Fusion pieces available.

Whilst glass fusing is challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing, we’ve secured a very experienced artist, Mark, to come in and take you through the process. You’ll be in a pair of safe hands with him and he’ll make sure all safety precautions are taken and the chance of getting any cuts are minimised (we don’t fancy all that paperwork!)

During the workshop you’ll be provided with step-by-step teaching on how to make 3 beautiful glass fusion pieces which will be fused to Tealights. Choices will be displayed at the event.

Best of all, this workshop will lay the foundation to create more elaborate pieces on future workshops, including Christmas themed pieces. Watch this space for more announcements on those events!

Booking your Place

As this is a more complicated activity you need to be 16+ and sensible to join. Spaces on each of these two-hour sessions will also be limited to 10 people so we advise you getting your reservation in fast! Sessions will run on the following dates.

Just because we’re nice at the Kiln, as part of the ticket price you’ll also receive a complementary hot drink on the house! Soft drinks are also available but they will be charged at the normal prices.

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