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Nearly There!

Refurbishment nearly complete

Oct 3, 2020

So it’s been a fun few months in the world of Whitby Kiln. There’s been a load of work done to the inside of the studio meaning we’re almost ready to officially open! We’ve also been doing a load of work offsite too. Our garage has temporarily been turned into a storeroom with a couple of hundred boxes taking up far too much space!

However, we can’t wait to show you all this hard work, sure you’ll all love it!

Studio Refurbishment

In terms of the studio refurbishment, we passed another momentous milestone today! The commissioning of the electrics. This was the last major job on our list, leaving us now with only the final finishing touches to put in place. We can finally see the finishing line of this stage approaching

Have a look through the gallery below to see how the studio now looks.

While completing this work we’ve had the opportunity to work several excellent companies. With this in mind we’ve created a dedicated page to acknowledge them and would quite happily recommend their work to anyone.

Mother’s Day with a difference

Mother’s Day with a difference

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