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Pottery to go

Don’t worry if you can’t come into the studio to sit and paint, we’ve created two take-out kit options to allow you to take the pottery studio to wherever you want (albeit a very small version!). These are available when you select pottery to purchase from our online shop.

One important point straight up though, the take out kits are not supplied with brushes. This is intentional to cut down on waste. However, if you don’t have any clean painting brushes (the type kids use for their paintings) lying around, never fear we can help! We also offer artists quality brushes if you so desire. Just select the type you want from the accessories page and add them into the basket before purchase. 

Option 1: Underglaze Paint

This is the true studio experience from the comfort of your own home (or holiday cottage)!

It consists of:

  • An item of Bisque (your choice!) from our extensive range of around 250 different types
  • Up to six (6) different colours of underglaze paint. These are entirely your choice and can be selected when you select your bisque


Bisque with underglaze

When choosing your bisque, just make sure you select the “Underglaze Paint” option before adding it to the basket. You’ll then get to choose up to six colours (a colour reference is included at the bottom of each product page to help you choose). Click “Add to Basket” and voila, our wonderful staff will get you your colour choice along with your bisque!

Once you’re done, book a collection appointment to return your painted masterpiece(s) back to the studio. We’ll then let it have a quick dip in the over-glaze before popping it in to the Kiln to get all nice and toasty! We’ll then let you know it’s ready and you can just pop in to pick it up. This typically will take up to two weeks, although we’ll confirm when you drop it off!

Snail with acrylic paint

Option 2: Acrylic Paint

This option is for those of you who don’t want to pop back to the studio for your work of art to be glazed and fired. It consists of pretty much the same items as the first option, although with some important differences:

  • An item of Bisque from our extensive range of items, although as acrylic paint is not food safe we can’t let you choose any item that is connected to food or drink! Sorry!
  • Eight (8) colours of acrylic paint (these are already selected for you, see the pictures at the bottom of each product page)


When choosing your bisque, just select the “Acrylic Paint” option before adding it to the basket. You can then click the “Add to Basket” button and you’re done!

Once you’ve painted your masterpiece, that’s it – no need for it to ever come back to the studio (although we would love to see you again!)! Stick it on a shelf or hang it on a wall but we can’t stress enough please don’t try to use it for any type of food service.

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