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Remembrance Day: Our Poppy Display

Nov 1, 2021

As another Remembrance Day approaches and we prepare to pay our respects to those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom, we decided to do something special.

Through the combined efforts of our Potter, Bill Thomas, Fyling Hall School and our friend Katy Hudson, we have transformed our shop front into a “Sea of Poppies”.

Finished front window of our remembrance day installation
Remembrance Day: Completed Window – a Sea of Poppies

This display contains 150 pottery poppies, individually painted and seemingly suspended in mid air. If you look closely, amongst the many red poppies, a number of purple poppies are also present. These are to signify the animals which supported our veterans and served during wartime.

We’d like to extend a massive thanks to all who have contributed, including Fyling Hall School which has produced a wonderful blog about the activity.

Why we’ve done it: Fundraising

Although the display looks stunning (if we do say so ourselves!), there was a very real reason to go through with it. Fundraising.

All involved in the preparation of this event have donated their time to this good cause. We also intend to donate the profits from each poppy we sell to a local veterans charity. We’re very proud to be able to support local charities and ensure those that need it continue to get the support they need for the sacrifices they have made.

For the Fyling Hall poppies, once we take down the display the pupils are going to “buy them back”, with proceeds being split between local veterans and their current chosen charities, NeoAngels and Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary

Come and Paint a Poppy!

We’d love it if you could come and join the increasing number of our customers who have painted a poppy! Pop in after work, or as you walk by the studio and you can quickly paint one. We can even give you a take out kit if you need it (with acrylic paint if you so wish)!

As with all our pottery items if you paint it using our studio paints it will need to be left with us to fire. We’ll then reunite you with it as soon as its been through that firing process!

Poppies cost £7.50 each.

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