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Fancy a Night Before Christmas Plate?

Dec 4, 2020

Ever wanted a special plate for that certain person who leaves those wonderful presents? Well this could be it! Show Santa and Rudolph your appreciation with our special Night Before Christmas plate!

Night before christmas plate
Our Night Before Christmas plate

Our wonderful Whitby Kiln “elves” (hope I don’t get hit for calling our lovely staff that!) will hand draw the plate with the design shown above. We’ll then add the names you choose at the bottom of the plate (up to 21 characters) just after the “Love “.

Once finished, we’ll even package it up in it’s own special box with our North Pole Stamp.

Hurry though, time is limited to grab one of these plates and we’ll need your order in by 16th December. This will allow us to finish all the artwork and put them through the Kiln to get that wonderful shiny look.

Update: We are now able to post these plates, just select postage at the checkout!

Head over to our shop to grab your plate! Hurry though, don’t want you to miss out!

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